Reservoir #1 Update

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The long time planned expansion of our Reservoir 1 is nearing completion. The polypropylene liner is completely in place (multiple photos at the bottom of the note). The top photo was January 3rd as the install team was finishing a few final seam welds and our construction contractor, Zak Dirt, was continuing to backfill the trench that was created for the top of the liner. The backfill holds the liner firmly in place. 

We are nearing the milestone called "substantial completion" after which there will be a handful of punch list items for completion of the project. Steve Jamieson, our engineer at WW Wheeler, will be issuing a notice of substantial completion to the Colorado dam safety engineer, Jim Kirch, early in the week of Jan 15th. Current schedule, subject to change, calls for dam safety inspection on Thursday, Jan 18 with permission to begin filling anticipated for the week of Jan 22nd.

In the category of good to great news, the original planned 46 acre feet of capacity was able to be expanded modestly and the "as built" profile run through the computer program shows an actual capacity of 50 acre feet. An acre foot of water is 325,000 gallons so our "bonus" water storage yield is ~1.3 million gallons. 

We are very pleased with this outcome for our community. Installation photos are below. 

Installation of Polypropylene Liner

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